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floor or walls first?

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I am creating a custom shower. When drywalling you always install the ceiling first then the walls. Do you employ the same practice in tiling?
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If you are talking about the tiles and not the CBU, I always install the wall tiles first then the ceiling tiles. The reason being, if you install the ceiling first, then the walls and your cuts aren't perfect, you could potentially see the tile line when looking at it from the room. If you do the walls first then the ceiling, you have to get in the shower put your head on the wall and look up to see any defects.

I feel it gives it a cleaner look.

With the CBU, I do the pan first, then the ceiling then the walls.
The question was whether to do the floor or wall first.

For the best look I recommend doing the walls first with the exception of the first row. So you start with the second row from the bottom. In the end you install the floor tiles and the last row as you go. This way the wall tile covers the joint better. Same with the ceiling. Tile upto the last row, then ceiling then last row of wall tile.

Tina, how are you building the shower walls and floor? What method?

since you asked...

The question was whether to do the floor or wall first.

Tina, how are you building the shower walls and floor? What method?

thanks for the info Jaz. Great tip, however it might be hard as I am using a 10 x15 tile staggered vertically.

I am building the shower old school I guess. Pan liner sloped dry pack. Hardieboard on walls thinset over mesh tape for the joints.

Just finished the walls yesterday.

The tile store gave me a mastic/ glue for the wall tile. Would thinset not be better for mold issues? She said it would be easier than thinset because I am not a professional.

Should I use a white thinset for a light colored tile? I realize it won't show through but might come up through the joints.

Grout ?what kind? I understand there is an antibacterial type grout that does not need to be sealed. Worth the extra dollars?

thanks again
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Toolbelt Tina, you go girl........:thumbsup:
Thanks for the words of encouragement.

This stuff is not easy. Between lugging the 94 lb bags of portland cement, the numerous bags of sand and folding the pan liner I was ready to curse.
Hospital corners are you kidding me? I don't even make my own bed that neat.

I am sure to shout out in frustration before the last tile goes up though. Wish me luck as i am setting the tiles and grouting this weekend. 95 tiles and 12 sets for the floor to obsess over perfect placement.

ps let me know how your project progresses.
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