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Just when I thought alls good to go with new tile in a bathroom being 9' x 7' I noticed that the section coming into the room was sloping and not level with the rest of the room. Where Ive belt sanded and all the way to the right side of room. I was hopefull this was just a hump in the floor, but it changes slope there. Using these 12x 24 tiles (already bought) and laying them brick style, it will have issues with joint heights, big stub issues where the slope changes. Im using Mopelath stapled to the sub floor.

putting a layer of Mopelath and raise level the areas with thin set. It needs to come up about the thickness of a tile from the door way and let that cure. Re thin set when laying the tiles.

I have some cement leveling material but it says to prime wood and use lath anyway. I was planing laying them out brick style, not this stacked way. Where the tile meets the laminate, the tile will higher. Stacked layout works where floors meet but not what I had in mine. One fix, make new issues to go with brick style layout.

What to do? To level, makes the tile higher than the laminate floor. About the thickness of a tile. Thats not good either.

Im leaning to go stacked look and avoid creating new issues at the entry. the floor will not be level through out the bathroom, Flaws are inherent, which one can you live with?


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