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Floor joist support question - sunken living rm

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Hello all,
This is my first post here. The situation is I have a sunken living room floor. after gutting the basement, I found that the joists were notched over the sill plate and only a 2x4 glued/nailed to the foundation wall was supporting the back end of the floor. Has anyone ever seen it done this way?? I was thinking about adding a main beam accross the end wall (about 16ft) with jackposts and blocking between the joists. see pic below to understand what i mean. need opinions, thanks.
see pics of what i mean here:
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Good idea to stiffen the joists. If the space is not being used below, I would build a 2x4 wall, pressure treated bottom plate and double or triple top plate. Space the studs at 32" on center, or 16"o.c., under each joist with one top plate. You don't know the slab thickness or hidden bearing (if any) for a post and beam frame. The blocks in this case are required to hold the joists from rotation, because the rim doesn't extend the full thickness of the joist. Page 5. Be safe, G
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