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in my 10X12 shed with "loft," i was originally going to frame the room parallel to the 10' run, but changed it to span the 12' run.

i'm wondering, for the loft floor joists, do they now need to be 12'ers to run parallel to the rafters, or can the be 10s and run the other way, then just tie in the floor with blocking to the walls carrying the rafters?

i was hoping to get away with X6 or X8 on the 10' run, as it's just for a kid's clubhouse and future storage, not actually a full-out living space.

i'm suire all of you will tell me to do it to code and use X10s?


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2x8 - IRC- 24"= 10'3"

2x8- UBC- 24"= 11'3" 2003 code book

That's doug/fir #2. That's 40# live load and 10# dead load PER SQUARE FOOT. That will hold..... you do the math.

Be safe, GBR
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