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Hey Gang,

We have a floor joist in our house that isn't sitting on the beam and is up about 1/4 inch. See first photo on the right. You can feel the bulge in the floor above when walking on it as I think it occurs where two sheets of subfloor meet.

We will be installing hardwood and want to eliminate the bulge.

The second photo shows joists attached perpendicular to the problem joist. These joists overhangs over the sill into the garage for a couple of feet for a closet.

It almost appears like the weight of the overhang has lifted this joist. But as you can see in photo 2, that joist isn't tight to the problem joist.

I could jack up the overhang in the garage to see if the joist settles back down but I am afraid of doing other damage to drywall etc.

Is there an easy way to force the floor joist back down to the beam and then a way to keep it there?


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Also these joists should be longer, they should overlap the beam not just sit on them. But you can jack up the overhang just do it evenly with several bottle jacks and slowly. 1/8" at a time. Then attach these joists with joist hangers. (metal supports)

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If you don't want to chance jacking up the wall and causing damage here is another option.

Pull up the subfloor in the problem area.
Make a solid attachment of the floor joist to the beam (3 - 2x's) using a metal strap to prevent further movement.
Plane the top of the joist flat to match the adjoining joists.
Reinstall the subfloor (if glued you may need ne subfloor material).

I would also reinforce the overhanging joists with some angle brackets or hangers.
Wouldn't hurt to add some blocking between the joists to solidify the connection and close that gap of the overhanging joist.

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