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floor drain to shower drain?

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So I was planning on putting the typical 60" shower/tub in my basement bathroom. But as I continue to plan I'm starting to wonder how the drain to a 60" tub is ever going to line up to the floor drain that was already roughed in about 33.5" from the right wall and 26.5 from the left wall (left dimension can be altered based on final framing)

Now by no means do I need a full shower/tub, I could go with a stand up shower as well, but again Im so used to seeing stand ups that are in a corner of the bathroom which again will not make the shower drain line up to the floor drain.

I dont think I should build a false floor to run drain pipes because the bathroom is already going to by around 88" tall due to ducting above the bathroom.

So is my only option to place a stand up shower that is centered along that back wall? Then have a small storage/shelf on each side? Any ideas? I feel like you would step out of the shower and right into the toilet. I made an assumption that they roughed in my bathroom so that a standard bathroom could be made, guess not?

Is there such things as center drained showers that are 60" x 30" ?

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another important measurement is how far off the back wall? also check to see if the p-trap is glued or not. usually they are left unglued to swivel around to fit better.
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