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Three days ago, water showed up on the floor of my 2nd floor apartment bathroom in an old apartment building. The flooring in the bathroom is old linoleum on top of another layer of linoleum.

The water has pooled off and on for the past few days, and has started leaking into the apartment of my downstairs neighbor.

I've had the landlord in there, and he's got a plumber coming tomorrow to take a look and see what needs to be done to fix the toilet. However, though the stool is solid and immovable in relation to the floor around it, the actual floor is bowing on one side and you can feel the boards rippling underneath the linoleum.

My landlord is bucking me on the need to replace the floor completely - and with good reason on his side - it's a big job! But, honestly, I don't really feel safe with that sort of damage. To make it less favorable, the plumbing access panel is directly below my toilet in my downstair's neighbors bathroom, so it hardly seems as though the floor is very sturdy to begin with.

I guess what I'd like to know is whether the floor is safe or not if the landlord still chooses not to go through the huge job of replacing the floor. What can I do? What rights do I have? I know this is a DIY website, but perhaps someone (being a DIY'er) can either ease my concern or support it by letting me know what the danger is of this kind of water damage on an old floor.

I don't want to fall through!
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