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Flood clear wood stain

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A few weeks ago I used flood wood stain to stain my fence I installed last fall. Ended up using 10 gallons!!! Since its been a few weeks I can still kind of smell the stain, is this normal, and will the smell go away? I also noticed I have blotchy spots where it looks like stain soaked in more in one spot then the other, should adding more stain fix this?

Is there anything you can add to thin the stain/sealer?
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The Flood smell IS strong and will last for a month or so before dissipating. I rather enjoy it because it has that smell of fresh wood mixed in with the smell of the product. The blotchy spots cannot be fixed. It's difficult to apply more of the Flood product since it is now dry and its properties are to REPEL any liquids and anything you put on top now will not soak into the wood.
If you don't want a wood fence to have a few color imperfections maybe buy a plastic fence next time.
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