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Floating shelves with threaded rods

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I'm looking to install 3 80" 2x12 reclaimed maple planks as floating shelves in my kitchen. My thought is to screw 12" threaded rods 3+" deep into studs and slide the planks on through bored holes.

The planks currently weigh about 25 lbs but with the load I'd expect it may reach 75 lbs total.

I was thinking of using 5/8 rods but it's tricky to correctly bore these in the thin wood. I'd like to go with 5/16" rods. Is this too small? What is the minimum width to handle 75 lbs over 5 studs?

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If I'm thinking correct on this you will have a severe alignment problem with that number of rods no matter what size rods are used unless you have some very good precision boring equipment or bore huge holes into the shelf.
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