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floating over painted/textured drywall

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Doing a small bathroom update and instead of taking down all the drywall just to put it back up, I was thinking of just skim coating the current stuff to remove the textured look.

Is there a specific mud to use when doing skim coat, and should I do anything prior to skimming, like TSP or sanding? The current wall is textured drywall with 3-4 layers of unknown paint with latex top layer.
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Not sure how anyone would know without knowing what type texture it is.
Got a picture?
eh, sorry - its just a basic orange peel....somethin like this;

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Have you concidered going over it with 1/4 drywall?
I just hate skim coating.
I was wanting to go this route because its a 8x5 guest bathroom, so I would be having to mud and tape 2 wall corners, ceiling to wall corners, and joint that time, id basically have mud on the majority of the wall anyway, so I thought just leaving whats there and floating it might be the better way/and save time?

Are there issues with skim coating over time?
Have you concidered going over it with 1/4 drywall?
I just hate skim coating.
NO NO NO NO NO Even if its only 1/4' drywall nothing will fit or look right window casing, door casing, outlets, switches. Now you have to tape and mud where the wall meets the ceiling, all the drywall seams. If you have one of those medicine cabinets that are flush with the wall it will have to be remounted.
Just rough sand then skim coat I like the ultra lite mud bucket has puke green lid easy to use and sands easy. Use 12" knife to apply, sand down any high spots, fill any low spots, sand lightly, prime, paint, stand back and admire.
I agree with toolseeker. I recently skimmed an entire bedroom to get the idea of what it takes and I think it would work well for your small bathroom. Just makes sure to thin out the mud...makes it easier to put up. sand it and fill in low spots
thinned mud applied with a paint roller, then spread with a 12" trowel.
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