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I'm preparing an electric winch for use on my trailer. I'm putting the whole works in a box that I can put on the trailer when I want to use it (not often). The box can be placed next to the rail where I will c-clamp the winch.

I want to use the remote, so I have to wire the antennae and the rocker switch according to the instructions. Each has a red wire that is to go to "a keyed ignition source". Because I'm not hooking it to my truck, I was thinking to use a 15 amp flip switch instead. Would this work? If so, could I run the ground on the switch to the ground connector on the solenoid?

Thanks for any input.



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If you're only going to hook it up occasionally and temporarily you don't really need a second switch (the first switch is the remote receiver) but if you want, yes a 15a household switch will handle the primary side circuit for the solenoid. You will need to have a power source for the secondary side anyway. The primary side could come from the same place or maybe the trailer power depending on the amp draw. Not sure what you mean by the "ground on the switch". Switches are ungrounded devices. You will have to complete both solenoid circuits back to their source. If you mean mounting the switch in a residential-style box, probably not necessary since it's mounted in a wooden box.
Hope the 1" wooden box and c-clamp will handle the pull.
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