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Basic builder flourescent 4 bulb kitchen light was flickering...was dim...then would go bright, etc. I took the cover off and all four lights were working but the outer two were dimmer than the inner two.

I swapped working bulbs with the outer neither outer bulbs do not light at all, inner two work fine.

When they say "ballast" is there more than one? Could the outer two be wired together and the inner two wired together?

I had a T8 bulb, F32, F32, and F32...I thought I could use both, maybe I created stress on the fixture by mixing types?
T8...skinny bulb, F32...fatter.

It seems strange it finally gave up working when I finally investigated, but stranger things have happened.


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F 32 is the wattage rating.
You either had T-8 lamps or T-12 lamps, and you can not mix them.
Older 4 lamp fixtures had 2 ballast, one for the inside pair, and one for the outside pair.
Remove the cover and read the types of lamps the ballast are rated for.
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