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Flexible gas lines behid walls, up to code?

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I will be having a plumber doing some work in the garage for the heater. He tells me that he will be installing some flexible gas lines which are being currently used in new constructions and are approved for use behind the walls (not under the house). He tells me that this is much easier to install therefore it would cost less. I just want to verify that this type of flexible gas line is up to code and can be used behind the walls. I live in Southern California, so he said that this is a big plus specially when it comes to earthquakes since the lines won't break. Any info would be apreciated. By the way this is a licensed plumber if it makes any difference.
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He's talking about CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) gasline. It is commonly used nowadays and works great. It does have some seismic advantages over hard-piping. Electrical bonding is very important with a couple of the major brands. Be sure your plumber pulls a permit to have it inspected...There's a lot of installation criteria involving protection of the pipe itself to electrical bonding to leak testing.
The plumbing code absolutely requires a permit for installing any new gas line.

As for hassle...
How much of a dang hassle is it to properly leak test a new section of pipe and to install it the way it is intended to be installed? A plumbing permit is inexpensive when you're getting an advocate to ensure that you're getting what you pay for and that it is done safely.

If your plumber doesn't want to get a permit, find someone more responsible that isn't willing to compromise their integrity or your safety by flying below the radar and avoiding the minimum standards set forth by the code.

I hate it when anyone even eludes to evading building permits.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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