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Flat roof layers

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I had a roofer redo a home for me and the insurance estimate said it needed 3 layers removed and replaced. The contract with the roofer said he would do 3 layers. The job was partially completed and an inspector checked the roof and said our contractor had only install 2 layers. I called the city code department and they said if you remove 3 "roof systems" you can only put back 2 "roof systems" so it is possible our contractor is doing it correctly. I don't know anything about roofing so getting 2 instead of 3 of something doesn't sound good. I don't know what a "system" is versus a layer anyway. The roof is now sealed up and done. Any advice on this is appreciated. We don't want to find we have a 6 year life roof instead of 15 for the same cost.
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what kind of product was put on?
hard to understand what your talking about. some areas you are only allowed two roofs. so you can either take off the two you have or just remove one then install a new one on top, therefore youll have two total. but it sounds like your insurance company wanted the roofs stripped off completely. and ive never heard of a two roof system.
Thats why I asked what kind of product. Some times people get terms mixed up or different terms in different areas. An SBS system sometimes is a 2 ply system. If its a BUR system there could be multiple plys.
Maybe plys and layers are getting interchanged.
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