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Flashing probably cut between aluminum siding and roof

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We recently purchased an old house with a new roof. We've been experiencing small leaks around the house, always in places where a small roof is attached to the house. We suspect that when the former owner replaced the roof, the roofers cut the flashing. Ideally we would replace the siding, but we can't afford to right now. Is there anyway to replace/repair the flashing between the siding (aluminum) and roofs?
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No way to even guess where your talking about without some pictures.
No need to show picture of the inside where it's leaking, in most cases closeups are useless.
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I agree with Joe that pictures are a must.
But if your talking about "dog houses" aka dormers then the step flashing that should be in place to seal the junction between the roof and siding, yes that can be replaced. Sometimes very easily, sometimes a PITA.
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