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I installed a new pressure treated sill. wrapped it in aluminum. put 12" alum. 3 " inside frame and wrapped to outside 9". Put one of those protecto door sill flashing on,,,its foam on butyl rubber backing,,,says no caulk required under sill.

put buytl flashing tape up sides with the reasoning of nail holes holding j trim needs sealed from water .

Now I am at top of door. If I wrap alum metal inside rough opening I am channeling water inside. I also need buytl tape for same j trim nail holes. I would think the metal bent in a raincap configuation with end tabs bent down over brick mould would shed max water. Where does the butyl tape go? over metal sounds right as water doesnt get behind it,,,if behind the water has already won.

If I dont add either one above the door the side pieces will hold it away.

or do you install door,metal drip cap ,,,then butyl tape flash,,,j trim,,, Then counter flash inside j trim?? with another metal flash????

its first thing tomorrow morning,,,whats the best way???

oh this is a fiberglass prehung with plastic or fiberglass brickmold so it lasts

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