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Flash Out at Start-Ups

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I have two stand-up type wall heaters that are fairly old. Recently, they have have started to have some flash outs when the thermostat tells them to kick in. By that, I mean that the gas ignition process causes a very temporary and quick flame to expand out past the "enclosed" lighting area.

What could be causing this. I had someone tell me that the recent cold weather could be causing a slight downdraft but thought it might also be something else.


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Usually its a dirty crossover which connects the gas of the burners to the ignition.
or it could be a gas valve that is not shutting off completely and is seeping gas into the exchanger.
It needs to be serviced.
They both started doing this at exactly the same time?
Are they on the same chimney or vent pipe?
They are completely separate. Had 1 serviced yesterday and was told that the "main chamber" (I forget the proper name) was cracked so the unit needs replacement ... Makes some sense since it is really a very old one. Does anyone know a good source to find wall furnaces? The service guy is looking but said it might be difficult to find.The other unit was just cleaned and seems to be working okay right now
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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