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Fixing Drywall Mud Flaws AFTER Primer

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Here is the sum of things:

Remodeling sun room with all new drywall, about 13x30. Ceiling has been primed and flaws are showing up at some of the seam/joints where the drywall comes together. I have been told that once primed you cannot fix flaws but I find that hard to believe.

How do I fix mud flaws after priming? It is more than just bubbles so I'm in need of advice here as I would prefer not to texture my ceiling.

Thanks in advance for all advice provided. :eek:
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out drywallers always came back after prime coat to touch up, the prime coat helps to show flaws/shadows that go unseen with just bare drywall. if you need to knock off heavy edges do so with a putty knife and sanding still works, just not as effectively as before prime coat. you can pull mud over top the prime coat all day long...
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Happens to even the best of them, do not be so hard on yourself.
hand drives right.. after the first coat of paint even drywallers have to come back to fix missed spots and dings in walls caused by subtrades
I have been told that once primed you cannot fix flaws but I find that hard to believe.
Of course that is not true. If that were true, you'd never be able to patch a wall at any time after it's painted.

Sand first if necessary (primed surfaces are harder to sand than unprimed.) Patch or touch up with compound. Resand if necessary. Spot prime over the patches.
hand drive,,, gotta LOVE that logon name :thumbup:
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