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so here is a pic of my screen door. the left side of the door sags.
Its a purchased wood screen door from a big box store about a year and half ago. I cut the bottom center support out so my dogs could go in and out without me having to get up and open and close the door
I was thinking of a few options for this door and would like some opinions.

option 1
I can either try to fix this by putting up some diagonal supports going from the left side to the right side (hinge side) but I would only be able to do that on the upper half. do think that would square it up enough to pull the sag.

option 2
custom build a new door using 1x4's and making some customer decorative corbels to use as corner braces to keep it square and use pocket holes to join everything together, this would allow me to be a little more flexible for the bottom half to use as a "doggie door".

I would appreciate any other suggestions and opinions on the direction I should look at.



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Not a lot of structure there to keep it square. The turnbuckle kits should work. You can also buy store-bought decorative scroll work pieces (corbels) or make your own if you have a scroll saw. They are usually 1" (3/4" finished).
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