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I've looked all over the site and the internet turns up less than credible ways to fix a scratched ceramic tile. I've been tiling for years and never had to ask this question, because I'm always very careful. But, I may or may not have scratched a flooring tile...enough to catch a fingernail. I say may or may not, because I layed these tiles back in the fall and recently the customer needed to replace the tub. The tub and tile surround came out and a new tub went in. I am tiling the surround. While cleaning up today I noticed a scratch on one of the tiles. I have drop cloths down during work and pull them up when cleaning at the end of the day. It's not a big scratch, but I think I would have noticed it before. Under normal circumstances I would pop the tile and lay a new one. However, as is my luck, the vanity is nicely installed and is covering 3/4 of this tile. This vanity has one of those fancy arches that people loose stuff under. This is my worst case scenario: Disconnect the plumbing, shim the vanity enough to pop the tile, and reinstall/grout a new one. Worst case. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And no, I have no pics.

Thank you,

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