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Fix Broken Musical Wall Clock

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I have a cute wall clock that plays music and has characters "dance" for about 15 seconds on the hour. The time-clock works on 1 AA battery and the music- animation works on 4 AA's. Well, the clock stopped showing accurate time. The second hand just stops in place and doesn't advance. Tried multiple batteries, no success. So I am trying to fix it. I purchased a standard wall clock and replaced the time-telling part just fine. I'd love to get it to animate! The animation worked by having 2 blue wires running to/from the gear housing. Inside the gear housing they connected to a copper pin attached to one of the gears. I assume it makes some kind of contact as it passes each hour. If I could replicate this in the NEW gear housing I might be back in business. But I don't know how since the gear housings are slightly different. Anyone ever do such a repair? Any suggestions, links, info you can pass along? Thanks!!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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