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I had to replace part of the old cast iron pipe and am wondering if I can just glue this 2" to 1.5" bushing into the sanitary t or if I need to use some pipe and a connector for the bushing, it doesn't seem like the T had a perfect circle for the bushing to fit into, although it does seal, just not along the whole length of bushing. Only reason i'm asking is because i'll have to cut out more of the joists to use the connector. Here are some pics of the pieces i'm taking about.


I have two different 2" connectors too one was listed for schedule 40, the other dwv, the pipe I have is branded charlotte schedule 40 dwv so i'm guessing I can use either, this line and vent is only for the sink, disposal and dishwasher.


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Sanitary Ts are available with an 1 1/2 inch opening---2x2x1 1/2----use that.

However if you want to glue in a bushing instead---go for it.

---Post a picture of the plumbing that need replacing---then we can offer the best suggestions.--Mike--

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the coupling and bushing you have are sch 40, designed for pressure systems such as water. Your tee is for drainage.
Buy a reducing tee as Mike suggested or get a dwv bushing, it's not as long and is designed for your tee
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