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Fitting btwn 4" corrugated NDS french drain and 4" ADS corrugated solid pipe

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Fitting btwn 4" corrugated NDS french drain and 4" ADS corrugated solid pipe

I'm installing a small run of french drain around part of a garden shed and onward to a spot where I can let it empty into a small pit I'll fill with rocks. I know, generally, how to do that.

I'm going to use 1 10' piece of NDS gravel free 4" corrugated perforated pipe enclosed in a sock containing a layer of stuff that looks like plastic packing peanuts. I call it peanut pipe, for shortcut.

I want to connect the outlet of that 4" corrugated pipe to a 10' piece of ADS 4" corrugated solid drainage pipe, and then to a second 10' piece of ADS pipe.

I've chatted online with guys at Lowe's, and they have pointed me to a couple fittings but I'm not certain either will work.

Lowe's suggests ADS 4" internal (male) connector, model 0417AA, to connect the two pieces of ADS pipe. I think that'd work.

Lowe's also suggested an NDS connector to connect the NDS to the ADS. NDS model L1241RTL. When I view this on screen, it isn't clear to me that this would connect two pieces of 4" corrugated pipe. It looks more like it'd work to connect the 4" NDS corrugated pipe to a piece of conventional 4" solid PVC pipe, instead of any manufacturer's 4" corrugated pipe, which is what I'd prefer to use.

I'd like suggestions, please.

If you want to view the items I've cited, I found that just entering "ads model 0417AA" or "nds model L1241RTL" into my Google search window (without the quotes of course) both got me right to pages showing either item. I'm sorry I don't know how to embed links to those pages here.

I'm self-quarantined at the moment and very reluctant to stop that and just go wandering around my local HD or Lowe's. I'd much rather have a good idea going in, what I need to just order online, pick up at curbside, etc.

Any and all help gratefully appreciated.

Stay safe, folks!

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Re: Fitting btwn 4" corrugated NDS french drain and 4" ADS corrugated solid pipe

Some kind of Fernco coupler (model depending on what the ODs of your respective pipes are)?
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