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My wife is asking for a wall plug in the upstairs hallway where she has a table. Its wallpapered in the hallway so I don't want to do damage to that wall. Complicating things further the opposite wall side is a Jack and Jill bathroom with a pair of sinks. And then here is the clincher, I live in IL where AC, MC and NM cables are banned. It has to be EMT conduit or EMT with flex conduit. Generally I haven't minded using conduit but this is a case where it is a pain...

So I am trying to think of a way to do this with the least amount of trouble. The stud bay is accessible from the top in the attic by drilling into the wall top plate. Due to the twin bathroom sinks I am 90% sure there is DWV and copper running horizontal though.

I was thinking of some sort of rectangular retrofit box cut in from the front and then drop a piece of conduit from the attic with say 18" of so of flex conduit on the last bit to the box. The issue seems to be whether the horizontal DWV pipe will let me sneak a conduit vertical in the stud bay...

A variant of this might be to put the box higher than normal such that it is just below the top of the desk but above the horizontal pipe runs. But if the desk is removed there will be an oddly placed outlet at an non standard height.

Another option is to cut the wall from front side and run EMT stub through wall and into the cabinets in the bath and then go surface mount conduit in the back of the cabinet (using LB's) until I pop back into a wall cavity with access to a power source. This seems an ugly fix but if I screw up the wallpaper then I just signed up for a foyer remodel on top of it. Also if some one ever demos the cabinets they might yank away not noticing the EMT run inside the cabinet.

Anybody got any suggestions how to attack this.


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I would first find out where my vent drain and water lines were get some flex conduit. Go from another receptacle in the hallway to the one you want to add. Install boxes then pull your wire though add some red heads. Really had to tell exactly how I would do it without actually being in the house. Good thing about flex conduit as long as you keep your box away from framing and plumbing you should be able to get it close to where you want it.
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