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My husband and I just bought our first home!! We are super excited, but the first thing we both agreed to do is renovate the kitchen before we move in.

We went to Ikea and picked out our kitchen and we are going to install it ourselves. But, we just came across a few road blocks and are starting to stress out!!

We start our renovation mid June but we need to get a few things figured out before we start.

Kitchen is currently in an L-shape and we are changing the design to have an open concept. But, the L-shape wall cabinets are supported by a beam. We are hoping the beam is hollow so we can just remove it. Is it as simple as that??

Also, the stove is a gas stove. Which is fine, but we just discovered the pipe line is not exactly in the right place. We need to move the stove to the left about 1 ft and plan to install a cabinet where the pipeline is currently sitting. We don't want to extend it through the cabinet, so what are the options??

We don't have enough in the budget to hire someone to do all the work, and my husband is pretty handy (with the help of my dad and uncle). But we don't want to start something that might end up being a nightmare...

Any help would be appreciated it.

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