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First cut after winter need advice

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I purchase a lawn mower last summer , I did use it for 3-4 months, but I am not a pro at lawn. I can use trimmer but not familiar with dos and donts of grass etc. If someone has some link or guide then please help.

I stay in Dallas area, not familair which grass I have ... I think it bermuda ... but may be there are more types of bermudas also ...

Q 1.) Winter are over, my lawn had many many weeds ... I tried to pull out weeds by hand and then gave up since there were many small plants ... so I went to local store and purchased RTS WEED B GON spray, it said it covers 16000 Sq feet well I ran out of it in 6000 Sq Feet. I just plugged it into hose and sprayed all over the grass like a fountain. It had no instructions how/what to do . I guess I did it right. If not then someone please help.
Bottle said results in hours .. It has been 2 days and weeds and still green. Please tell me what to spray now ?

Q2.) I plan to give the grass the first cut to make it nice and even, right now it looks ugly and uneven. But do I bag the cutting ? or mulch them this time, since the grass to be cut is dry and yellow.

Q3.) I used to mulch it everytime last summer.

Q4.) Do I need to use fertilizer or anything this time to prepare ?

Q5.) Is there any better grass in Dallas area which I can use ? Which remain green all the year, I used to live(rent) in chicago, the grass used to be LUSH GREEN all the year. Here I am living from past 9 months out of which 6 months I have seen dead yellow grass which feels so dull. I know it will again become green now till Sep ... but 6 months seeing yellow grass .... aaah.

Note: Picture attached are from last year to show what type of grass I have.


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