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first coat is way too dark

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Yesterday we painted our bedroom a brownish orange but it turned out way too orange and dried a very dark color. The room doesn't get alot of natural light because it faces north. I like the paint when the lights are off during the day but when the lights get turned on it's way too overbearing. We also used a satin finish.

I'm thinking of going a shade lighter and using a flat or enamel finish. Do you think this will tone down the color? Will I need two coats?
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if you paint it a lighter color the room will be lighter.

I am a fan of flat latex on walls. its not washable but it touches up much more easily than a product with a sheen. the question you have to ask yourself is how often do you wash your walls? Flat also hides imperfections in the wall and is more forgiving for an unskilled painter.

if you go a shade lighter you may be able to get away with one coat. no way to tell until you paint. use a high quality paint - stay away from Beahr its translucent and doesn't cover well. ask any professional painter and they will tell you the same.
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