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First Co Fan Coil Unit

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Hi. I have a First Co Fan Coil Unit in my condo. Model no. 24RAOT-3.

The unit blower turns itself on for about 30 seconds at a time when the thermostat is in the OFF position. It does this randomly and without warning.

Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this? thanks!
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I looked on First Co's website and could not find a unit with that model #. Do you have a picture of the name plate?
Found the wiring diagram here. There's not much to it. If the heating and/or cooling also comes on, I'd say the thermostat is bad. If it's the fan only, then maybe the fan relay.
Probably, but hopefully someone else can chime in. My experience is on the design side, not the service side.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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