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Fireplace question...

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I have a tube in the back of my fireplace that extends to the exterior. It looks like it's got a rotating portion on the inside that may allow it to open or close.... It doesn't seem to move though. The last blowing rain we got found the inside of the fireplace a little wet, probably because the thing is wide open. I'm sure i'm losing a good amount of heat out of it.

Should it close? is a fireplace tool supposed to be able to turn it?
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That may be a tube for outside air to the fireplace. It can be turned off to keep air out when you are not using the fireplace.
It's for make up air to support the flame instead of creating a negative pressure in the home and sucking air in from the other rooms making them colder.
It looks like a cylinder inside of a cylinder with holes in it similar to the top of a weber barbecue I guess. I'm assuming that it should rotate then, and should be able to do so with a fireplace tool? I shouldn't really have to put a huge wrench on it... maybe i'll soak it in WD-40.
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