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Hi, have a fireplace in living room. House built in 70's. Had fire last weekend and could smell smoke downstairs in basement (near furnace/ chimney below where fireplace is on top floor). Checked the upstairs fireplace hearth and could see cracks in mortar between bricks. Some going to back of width of brick. Scraped and cleaned all mortar joints which were loose (see pic). I was told could use regular mortar so picked up quikrete fast dry and patched. The top two bricks were loose so removed them and noticed lots of broken ceramic pieces lying behind. I guess another job will be to address top of chimney in spring, but also you can see loose rocks there (see pic). Is that normal? I'm assuming rocks were put there to support the back of bricks in the hearth when built?
So :
1) just confirming the mortar I used was ok? No special heat resistant mortar is required in hearths (I did pick up the heat resistant mortar in tube, but it's only good to 1/8 inch so went back and got ready mix stuff)
2) the loose rocks behind bricks is ok? Should I actually add more when I re-install the two which were loose? None behind them.
Thank you!


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