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Firepit - hole dug, need thoughts on bricks/rocks and liners...

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We're making a fire pit. There seems to be a lot of redundant and somewhat unclear advice on the web for making one.

We dug about a foot into the ground, and it has about 4 ft diameter. Our ground is very sandy and drains well so we're planning to leave the base as just that.

What I can't find on the web is the WHYS of using brick or rock, and when a liner is or isn't needed. And whether to mortar or just stack. I wanted this to be simple - like a campfire. But I know it's wise to build something that lasts and works well too.

Do I just stack wedge shaped bricks I can get at a home depot garden section around it and call it good or do I need to get special bricks, liners etc. I don't think we'll be using it to death - just occasional fun use and maybe even get a grate and do some bbq if we desire once in awhile.

Thank you so much for your time and thoughts.
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wedge shaped blocks

In my limited experience you need something to contain the heat, either fire brick or a metal ring. At our camp someone installed a fire pit like you've stated, just bricks dry stacked in a circle. It's been three years since that was done, and the bricks are literally crumbling. I don't know if there are higher quality bricks, but it seems to me they are not made for that purpose and break down easily. Just a thought since you said you wanted to build it well to last. I'm of the same mindset and don't want to see my projects fall apart the next year.

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