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Firepit - hole dug, need thoughts on bricks/rocks and liners...

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We're making a fire pit. There seems to be a lot of redundant and somewhat unclear advice on the web for making one.

We dug about a foot into the ground, and it has about 4 ft diameter. Our ground is very sandy and drains well so we're planning to leave the base as just that.

What I can't find on the web is the WHYS of using brick or rock, and when a liner is or isn't needed. And whether to mortar or just stack. I wanted this to be simple - like a campfire. But I know it's wise to build something that lasts and works well too.

Do I just stack wedge shaped bricks I can get at a home depot garden section around it and call it good or do I need to get special bricks, liners etc. I don't think we'll be using it to death - just occasional fun use and maybe even get a grate and do some bbq if we desire once in awhile.

Thank you so much for your time and thoughts.
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Hey em07,

I think the solid landscaping retaining wall blocks designed to create curves and circles will work for your occasional use firepit. They sell them at the HD and Lowe's for $3-4 a piece.

They make a special landscaping stone glue used for these blocks that binds them together. I'm not sure how much heat it can take, so I'd read the label. But I've tried to break the glue bond between old retaining wall blocks and it's pretty tough stuff.

I would dig a circular trench about 12 inches deep and fill it with clean stone or a crushed gravel to make a base for the wall. Tamp it down with a metal tamper to compact the gravel. Then build the wall. It will help keep your heavy wall from sagging and warping.

Best of luck.
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