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fireblocking basement

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can someone put this in simpleton terms for me? i asked my village inspector if fireblocking in the basement is code. this was his reply;

"Fireblocking is required at intersections of walls and drop ceilig also
where perimeter walls meet the floor system, there usually a void on the
back side of the wall".

only 1/2 inch drywall is required and he also said that insulation will work for fireblocking.

thanks gents
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Between floors any chase (open space) must be sealed with an approved fire blocking material. This is to prevent heated air by a fire rushing through this space rapidly spreading a fire. So if you have a soffit (ceiling) it needs to be fire blocked at the lower intersection with a wall. Each exterior wall along your perimeter between floors needs to be fire blocked. This is typically done with a 2X4 block. Even any penetration along the wall plates between floors needs to be fire blocked. These holes are caulked with a fire retardant caulking. For retro-fit you can just stuff mineral wool insulation into the larger spaces and fire retarding caulking in areas where pluming or electrical lines go through the floor/wall junction.
Read the other posts as suggested. Just click on the blue letters. The joist insulation is not the issue. The issue is the space at the edge of the room where a wall above or below intersects. Just this 4" perimeter is what we are dealing with to stop air flow from one floor to the other.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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