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I have a wood log mantel on top of fireplace ... it has super rough finish which bites me all the time ... I want to sand it smooth with like 300 grit sandpaper and polish it like smooothest thing ...

Question - How to remove it ? It has two anchor kind of bolt which I see behind the wood log ... earlier I thought the arms below are pined to the wall and wood log rests on it ... in the third picture I slide a advertisement paper behind it ... between wall and wood ... and I am able to slide it easily meaning the arms below are just hanging from the log above and there is no support behind ...

so I assume all the weight is on the two bolts ...(shown in red in 1st picture) ... close up from behind in picture 2

Now when I try to pull the wood log straight out I cannot do it ...

i want to know how to take this wood log out safely ... will there be any impact to stone wall behind ?


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