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Finishing Drywall/Fiber Cement Board Around Shower

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Hi all,

I'm working on a shower remodel project. I have chosen to use the Kerdi System under my tile.

Right now, I have 3 locations where my fiber cement backerboard (I know its not necessary with Kerdi but I did it anyway) and drywall meet.

1) left side of shower at an outside corner
2) right side of shower on level plane
3) at ceiling of shower (drywall ceiling w/ 3 edges to fiber cement backerboard)

I know I do not have to finish the backerboard since it is under the Kerdi, but what do you suggest I do for the other transitions? I have considered putting metal corner bead on all outside corners and letting the drywall finisher finish this like its regular drywall.

Any and all help would be appreciated.
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you could try metal tape for the flat joints. Usually used for angled inside corners over 45 degrees. Has metal inside the tape. Just bed tape in compound and compounded over. Drywallers sometimes just use regular tape. Maybe with durabond would be more durable. A drywall may have a recommendation, or even a product for it.
Set the drywall / backerboard seam so the tile covers it. Apply the Kerdi over the seam. Hiding the seam under the tile gives you some room to adjust your tile layout.
I had heard that drywall compound and thinset don't play well together. Does this ring a bell? If that is okay then I would just have the drywall finisher finish the seams like normal an put the Kerdi right over top.
You don't need to tape the drywall to backerboard seam. If the seam will be under the tile, apply the Kerdi over it. If I recall correctly, the Kerdi installation instructions state that taping the seams is optional.
Yep, that's correct. I will try to take a picture tonight and post it. Just in case I'm missig anything else.
The 2nd pic looks good. What are your transition plans for the 1st pic as it looks like the backerboard sits 1/2 proud of the drywall?
This is a better pic of the same location as the first picture. And a pic of the ceiling. The edges are flush between drywall to fiber board. I was hoping to get some ideas from you all on ways to complete/finish the transitions.


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Hmmm. Easiest is probably a bullnose tile. Schluter also has metal edging you can use if your tile doesn't come in a bullnose.
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