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Hello All,

I'm closing on a house this week and I would like to start finishing its attic asap to make it an extra bedroom.

The attic has 2 rooms and 1 bathroom. 1 room completely done, bathroom done.

The second room need some work.
all it has is electricity. You see the joist, and the roof. there is also 1 round vent you can see outside from.

as you can tell I'm not an expert. I'm not sure where there is a round vent in the roof. I wanted to ask my inspector but for some reason I didn't.

Anyway I would like to finish this second room.

I read couple of articles and here is what I figured I would need to do.

Attach insulation to the roof and the walls?

But I also read some articles about if its done wrong I can have mold in the attic in couple of years?

Is there an article that shows step by step of what need to be done? or is this a hard job that need to be done by professionals?

I can take pictures in couple of days and post them.

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