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Finishing attic insulation plan

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Here is my insulation plan
use Demilec Heatlok Soy 200 7.4 R value at 1 inch
spray 5.5 in thick for room and 2 in thick for the rest of attic roof.
I am also thinking about adding fiberglass under the 2in foam section of attic.

Here is what the space is looking like.

What do you think?

more info about project here
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1) I like your hat.
2) I'd prefer to seal and insulate the kneewalls rather than the roof deck in the attic areas, which turns that into conditioned space... That is unless you have a valid reason to not do so? I see that you are planning some sort of built-in unit, so perhaps that is your reasoning?

The attic does not have any vents or soffit, So I am thinking I should keep it that way and do a unvented Attics.

What do you think? Would I have to add soffits and vents if I don't condition this space?
It would be best to vent that attic space.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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