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Finishing a basement ceiling/Covering up floor joist/insulation/sound barrier

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please take a look at these pics:

I live in the basement of a house that we are renting and the ceiling in the basement is exposed. I wanted to try and cover it up the best I can for many reasons such as; in the winter its very cold and there is not much heat retention, sometimes if a drink is spilled up stairs it can leak a little if not cleaned up right away, and to try and have some type of noise barrier. Of course the wiring, HVAC, and plumbing are all over the place which makes it difficult. I was thinking of a drop ceiling but it would make it very low, or some type of heavy vinal I heard was good for sound. Also I wanna do this as cheap as possible prob no more then 200.

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yeah i understand about the wiring. But why is the plumbing and mechnical unsafe? Also there is a large window as an exit and out side the room is the exterior door. I have renters insurance but I guess if i had to make a claim they would prob sue the landlord.

Thanks for your concern but anyideas on how to help the question that I posted about?
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