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first time DIY user here.

I want to finish the ceiling in my "vault" room. this is a room that is located in my basement under my front porch. the room is 8' x 16' with an 8' ceiling. the walls are poured concrete. the ceiling is 8" hollow core planks with a poured concrete cap. and my floor is poured concrete with in floor heat from my boiler.

what I want to do is finish the ceiling and paint the poured walls. and finish the floor with linoleum. but I am having one very small issue. the 2 outside ceiling corners are condensation very very little. I live in west Michigan so I am sure its because the cold porch and the warm room temp is causing this condensation. I am able to dry the room very quickly with a small dehumidifier. so, my first approach will be to get 1.5" of foam board insulation up on the ceiling. this should control the temp difference between the cooler concrete and warm air and eliminate my condensation concerns. but my problem comes do I add drywall or other finish products to the ceiling over the foam board insulation? I want to save ceiling height if I can.

really curious what others might have done. open to any and all suggestions. and include pics if possible.

thanks for the look.
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