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I live in Central Indiana, and am in the process of finishing my basement. Electrical phase is nearly complete, and I'm getting ready for HVAC then insulation. Temps are pretty mild down there now with about a 5-7 degree difference from the upstairs rooms.

I have framed the walls with 2x4 studs every 16", and need to know what type of vapor barrier I should consider for the insulation between the studs. I'd like to use fiberglass bats in the walls and rolled fiberglass in the ceiling (floor boards of the 1st floor).

  • For the walls, should I use paper-faced bats, or use a 6-mil plastic covering?
  • Do I need a vapor barrier at all in the ceiling, or can I just use unfaced fiberglass rolls?
  • I will have a full bathroom in the basement as well. Does that need the 6-mil plastic around all the walls to protect from moisture escapting, or can I use paper faced there?
Thanks for your help.
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