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Finding U Factor of Sunrise Sliders and Picture windows with AR90 and KR90 Package

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I am trying to find the U-Factor rating for Sunrise Window package. Specifically, I'm trying to find the U-Factor for horizontal sliders and picture windows with AR90 and KR90 Package, before I decide which one to buy.

I asked for CPD number for such windows from a Sunrise dealer. This way I can cross reference their claim with NFRC.ORG website. However, they were not able to give me a specific CPD number. In fact, some dealers do not know what a CPD number is. Most of them don't reply back after I ask such number.

I have talked to 6 window dealer so far. 1 from Sunrise, 1 from Vanguard, 1 from Polaris, and 4 others i'm not considering anymore.

My whole point is to see their performance rating and compare it with the pricing to see whether it's justifiable the cost of the upgrade. All I was provided was this document from sunrise, but it's missing the package I'm interested in.

I can go to NFRC website and search for certain manufacturer and window type, but there are a lot of CPD number and I'm not sure which one is the one with the package I'd like.

I finally went to Vanguard windows site, and I find the number for slider. I can also go to Restorations windows and verde windows site to find similar thing, but not really exact. I know they are all from Sunrise.

Is there any better way to find U-Factor and air infiltration rating and SHGC rating for Sunrise's AR90 and KR90 package?
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A lot to dig through and you are looking for far more detail than I do. Guess you are just more OCD than I am.
This link might help if you haven't already found it.

Both AR90 and KR90 look like fine ratings but I have no costs to compare.

Saw one statement where they would reduce heat loss between 20% and 50%. I always hate those statements as they are only looking at the window area but implying the whole house.

I am not sure I understand your situation. You can't get a U-value from the dealer, or you want the CPD number to to verify the specs given to you ?

The U-value should be typed into any quote for windows. If not, I would chuck that quote directly into the recycle bin. Any numbers on the web site are almost useless because there are too many factors that effect the particular unit you selected.

The glass is a better insulator than the frame, so U-value is effected by the size of the particular window being tested. So if your quote has windows of significantly different sizes and the windows all have the same U-value, you may wish to question the numbers. The common reply is that testing is expensive, and they have countless window sizes, so they test the smaller windows, and the bigger sizes will have at least as good of a U-value as the quoted number.

As you likely have noticed already, sliders are not particularly air-tight.

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