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Finding parts for a motorized ceiling mounted TV

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Hey everyone. Not sure if this has been posted before or not, but I'm trying to setup a ceiling mounted TV that disappears into the ceiling. I have the TV and counterweight mounted. The route for the cabling is also setup. I have a garage door opener with a length of chain in the middle of the cable to move the TV up and down. The problem is that the garage door opener moves too fast and slips off the chain. So I'm trying to see if I can rig up something to reduce the speed. I was planning on maybe some kind of gear reducer. But it seems like that kind of thing is mostly for commercial applications and very expensive to do. At least that's what I'm finding on my own. Does anyone have any other ideas? Or maybe another place to find some gears that I can use?
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1980....Sorry don't have a quick solution....but your project sure sounds intriguing.....share it with us and some pic's... we may have some ideas.


Some reduction pulleys maybe....????
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