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We have a half bath in our recently purchased house and would like to make it into a full (or is it 3/4...) bath by adding a shower stall. Currently it only has a toilet and sink in it. There is room to add the shower floor wise, but the problem is that on one wall there is a window (so no shower stall there) and the other wall has the door which cannot be moved. What I am left with is 33 1/4 inch from the wall to the door frame and this is where I need to fit a shower.

Does anyone one of any decent (and decent price) shower stall that would fit in this space? Menards has a 32 inch shower that just looks dirt cheap (white vinyl curtain and plastic built in thanks... I would prefer it to be from either Menards or Lowes as we have them here, but delivery is also an option I suppose.

I guess the second option would be to frame the stall and tile it, but that is probably more work than it's worth..

Thanks for your advise.
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