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We have a half bath in our recently purchased house and would like to make it into a full (or is it 3/4...) bath by adding a shower stall. Currently it only has a toilet and sink in it. There is room to add the shower floor wise, but the problem is that on one wall there is a window (so no shower stall there) and the other wall has the door which cannot be moved. What I am left with is 33 1/4 inch from the wall to the door frame and this is where I need to fit a shower.

Does anyone one of any decent (and decent price) shower stall that would fit in this space? Menards has a 32 inch shower that just looks dirt cheap (white vinyl curtain and plastic built in thanks... I would prefer it to be from either Menards or Lowes as we have them here, but delivery is also an option I suppose.

I guess the second option would be to frame the stall and tile it, but that is probably more work than it's worth..

Thanks for your advise.

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A 32" shower stall is a very small space. The choices in pre fab units you have are limited, so tiling would be the way to go. Not sure what, "... probably more work than it's worth", means. If you want a bathroom that doesn't look like a cheap motel, I'd expend the energy.

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Two things:

1. A fully tiled 32 inch shower really isn't going to work for you if the space available you mentioned must also contain the wall studs. Can't be done.:)

2. You also probably can't fit a full shower (pre-fab) through your doors to get it to the bathroom. You would have to buy a shower with a separate base and wall sections. That is do-able.:)
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