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Final Inspection

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My wife and me are getting ready to close on a home and have some big ideas for what we'd like to do. We'd like to get started as soon as possible on some of the work, but know that $$$ will be tight. So, we'd like to add an addition off the back of the house and get it all closed in, but then work on finishing it ourselves, a little at a time as we have the $$. It's just a family room, so no plumbing and just basic electrical.

So, my question is what is usually required for final inspection where you're from. For example, does the carpet need to be down? How about the walls, does the drywall need to be taped and mudded? Painted?

Basically, we want to get everything out of the way so that it can pass final inspection and then we will just work on everything else, a little at a time.

So, any thoughts or experiences?

Thanks much!
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Final here is finished walls, electric & floor

No reason you need the final until you finish everything
But, you are not supposed to "inhabit" the room until after final

I built a sunroom in '07 that is open to the kitchen
Winter of '07/Spring '08 I did sheetrock after insulation inspection
Final is waiting until the kitchen is remodeled as their will be a peninsula counter between the 2 rooms, then an open area
So the floors need to be matched up & matching cabinets will be installed in both rooms
Paint on the wall, or just drywall up, taped and mudded?
For finish it would have to "look" painted - at least primed
Contact your Inspector - ask their definition
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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