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Filtrete 3M-50 Reconnect to Router

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I have a Filtrete 3m-50 Wifi thermostat that works well, usually. But it is in a vacation home 4 hours away which often has brief power failures,
some lasting only seconds, some a few minutes. The thermostat, of course, goes off-line when the power fails. When the power is back on, it is supposed to reconnect to the router. It does not connect right away.
Instead, it takes a day or two before I can see remotely that the 3M-50 is back on-line. I am wondering whether there is anything I can do from
my home to get it to connect immediately. Failing that, when I get back on the site, is there anything I can do in person to solve this problem?
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Let me guess, the Radio Thermostat radio in it. Do yourself a favor and get the (Our Home Spaces was what it used to be known as) radio. I got tired of the frequent disconnects, RTCOA blaming my wifi equipment on their software shortcomings.

I have never looked back after changing to the other radio. It operates on the Wireless-B band, not Wireless-G like the RTCOA junk radio does. Plus with, you can run three different programs if you wish, tie into Axis cameras also if you want to check in on the place while gone.
You can try to connect to your router's console and force a renewal of all the connections. Or as suggested, get a thermostat smart enough to do a renewal after a power outage instead of waiting the normal couple day timeout.
chitownken, it is not the thermostat that is the problem, it is the RTCOA radio module that is the problem.
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