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Filter Replacement/Questions

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I am trying to replace the filter for my furnace/AC and I can't find one anywhere. I have a Coleman furnace/ac package unit. It is a Flanders Corp filter, 24x42. I have been in contact with their customer service via email and phone; they were less than helpful. The previous owner had a note on the filter saying wash once a month. I don't believe this filter is washable?

I've been looking at a couple web sites for custom made filters but still having a hard time finding a one. I attached a couple photos. Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks


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Looks like the housing is rivited together. So it may be washable.
Looks washable, possibly electrostatic. If Flanders - probably a naturalaire

Custom sizes, no problem...shipping a filter that size can get pricey.
Thanks for the info. To wash a filter like this do I just vacuum off and rinse with water? Thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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