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filling gaps

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i have some gaps and cracks in my back area. its the slab from the old garage and pavers that leed from it to my back door. water comes down this area to my back door. there is a very small swale right in front of the door, pavers. it is connected to a concrete swale, 14" wide x 2" deep, that goes down the side of the house to the front.

anyway. what i want to know. the gaps and cracks in the slab and pavers. how much will filling them with sand work ? doesn't need to completely seal, just needs to stop the funeling of flowing water down to the foundation into basement.

or, is there a better product i should use ?
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you MAY be right but just be advised that water has already created little underground runways leading down to your bsmnt so, if its wtr under the slab/pavers, you're sol,,, that being said, often polymeric sand's used in pavers to hold them in place,,, i've noticed it also seals the pavers & prevents a design'd use ( that of being permeable pavement )

sealing those crack properly would be good advice if you like more free stuff
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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