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filler for cracked paint exterior window

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need advice on filler for cracked paint exterior window, fix recommend easy filler to apply and quickly sand ready to paint. Cracked paint on window is solid so looking for quick filler/sand long last solution.
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Filler:eek: More often you scrape off the loose paint, sand it to even it out and prime and paint two coats of finish paint.
Got picture so we can see just how bad it is.?
It Joe said, a pic sure helps. If you have removed as much paint as you can with a scraper/sander, etc. and you have hairline cracks, you may only need some caulking. If the cracks are bigger, some wood filler may be needed. If the cracks show signs of rot and are fairly large, you may need some epoxy. Just depends on what kind of cracks we're talking about.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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