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few questions on wood flooring

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I have a few (hopefully) quick questions about some wood flooring I plan on doing in my kitchen/living room. Any answers are appreciated.

I plan on going with a 1/2" by 5" engineered maple/hickory, not sure if I want to float or nail down yet, probably not gonna glue it, I've read this is not DIY firendly.
Any opinions on Pinnacle floors? I wasn't able to find out too much info online as far as durability, etc... The floors look nice, but for the price, (4.50 sf) it seems on the cheaper side. By contrast, Bellawood is 5.75 sf for the same type flooring. I've read Bellawood is absolute crap.

As far as my subfloor goes, by looking up from the basement, I have 19/32 Potlatch Oxboard sturd-i-floor. Will this alone be sufficient for the underlayment, with 15# felt on it? it's spaced 16" OC, home built in 1989. Floor has just a few minor squeaks currently, I'd screw these down before install.
Anything else someone want to point out? Also, any other recommendations on manufacturers for flooring? I want something light and hard, (that's what she said) preferably in a 5" plank. Thanks for any and all answers/opinions.